World’s Largest Toilet Roll World Record set by Kimberly Clark

Wiping away the previous mark for “World’s Largest Toilet Roll”, Kimberly-Clark Peru revealed its record setting toilet paper roll, which measured an impressive 1.70 metres (5 ft 9 in) in diameter, by 1.59 metres (5 ft 1.4 in) in height, and weighed 1,340 kilograms (2954.2 lbs).

Juan Carlos Belaunde - Kimberly-Clark Peru’s manager of corporate affairs - mentioned that in addition to these huge measurements, the roll has enough paper to accommodate the average human for 100 years!

Made entirely of recycled paper, the roll will be donated by Kimberly-Clark Peru to the “Developing Solidarity Foundation”: a fundraising entity that supports the company’s “New Paper of Solidarity Campaign”. Through this campaign, Kimberly-Clark Peru seeks to not only raise awareness surrounding care for the natural environment, but also to offer better development opportunities to children with special needs, allowing these youth to re-enter a proper social and working life.

To date, since 2006 Kimberly-Clark Peru has successfully re-collected 700 tons of recycled paper, and converted them into 35 complete study scholarships for the benefit of these children.

Source : Guinness World Record